Website Policy

Website Policy :
Thank you to everyone who came to visit the website. clsfmarketlist ( We are an products and service classifieds site. Use of this website is subject to the terms below and all other relevant agreements. We may add or update the rules, including this Agreement, if necessary without notice to the User. Because it is not possible to notify all website users. Therefore, we ask you to study the latest version of the Terms of Use which is the latest text of this page. In addition, this Agreement and all related agreements will be taken into account. In the event of a conflict or problem in the details of the materials used in the descriptions and information from the website clsfmarketlist arising from the use of this website

1. Service of the website clsfmarketlist

Access to the clsfmarketlist website requires an internet connection. via web browser On various operating systems such as Microsoft Window, Andriod, IOS, Linux …etc clsfmarketlist provides a kind of information such as location information about stadiums. and fitness center We reserve the right to improve the service content. Cancel or transfer content to other services without prior notice to users of the website.

2. Assurance of management and system information

clsfmarketlist allows all Internet users to browse and view information. But there is no guarantee in any matter. About service content, system reliability and connection resultsclsfmarketlist Can not be held responsible if users of the website have problems due to information published on the website clsfmarketlist.

clsfmarketlist cannot be held responsible for any of the following.

1. The service will make website users satisfied.

2. Inconvenience or error in using the service

3. Accuracy of information

4.Services or products are based on information published on the website. clsfmarketlist will meet the expectations of the users of the website The use of the clsfmarketlist website is the responsibility of the user. In the event that the information is found to be incorrect clearly inconsistent with reality or contrary to social rules and morals We will review the Service as soon as we are notified. and when it is judged that correction is necessary We will make corrections as requested. If considering that there is a memory will delete that information and may stop providing services for such inaccurate content

4. Use of external links

The clsfmarketlist website contains links to external websites and resources. which is beyond the supervision of the clsfmarketlist website. and we cannot be held liable for any disruption. due to the content of those third party website providers.

We reserve the right to reject any links to the page. In the case of links from the following types of websites

– Websites that are illegal within the country or foreign laws

– Websites that are defamatory of this website or a third party or websites that are at risk of doing so

– Websites that infringe the copyright or intellectual property rights of this website or third parties. or websites that are at risk of doing so

– Websites that violate privacy The privacy, honour, or property rights of this website or any third party. or websites that are at risk of doing so

– Websites that are contrary to social order and decency

– Websites that may mislead or cause visitors to misjudge.

Agent Program Policy or forwarding the relevant links to other websites
due to the clsfmarketlist website There is a part of the transmission of information by linking to an external website, possibly to an affiliate website. The forwarding of that information will be a piece of other relevant information. which on the website clsfmarketlist no responsibility If there is a mistake, damage or dissatisfaction In the process after the user of the website has linked external links. because it is an external website system which beyond our control

5. Policy on the use of news feed information from external websites

The clsfmarketlist website may be contains news feeds or RSS Feeds from websites that provide RSS Feeds from external websites, which are owned by those websites. We are only presenters. The news feed is like what’s going on. We disclaim responsibility. and is not involved if the news feed is of an illegal nature. or defamation of a third party Or there is a message that causes damage to anyone

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