OEDRO? 1st & 2nd Row Floor Mats for 2020-2022 Ford Escape (NOT Fit Hybrid Models)

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Floor mats for 2020-2022 Ford Escape No-Hybrid (not suitable for hybrid models), TPE material has 300% better temperature resistance than PVC. High-strength TPE materials not only feel good and wear-resistant but also remain flexible in extremely cold weather. Features: �Durability. Ford Escape floor mats are made of sturdy TPE. They last longer than other styles of cushions. The heavy-duty material is also able to withstand the constant friction and contact of the shoe. �Great visual appearance. Add 2020-2022 Ford Escape floor mats to the interior of your car to add color and class to your car. The unique look of Escape Floor mats will make the interior of your car stand out ten times more. �Protect the interior. OEDRO Escape floor mats provide the most comprehensive interior protection for your vehicle. Your car carpet will always stay clean and dry. �Easy to clean floor mats. TPE material is very easy to wash and clean. You can easily wash and clean spills on top of it. You can also spray with soap and water. Also, once the car mats dry, there is no smell left behind. �Captures dirt and moisture. The waterproof surface of the all-weather floor liner ensures that any type of spill is caught on it. The floor mat is also effective at trapping dust, sand, and other dry particles. Fitment: Compatible for: 2022 Ford Escape. Compatible for: 2021 Ford Escape. Compatible for: 2020 Ford Escape. Note: NOT Fit Hybrid Models. Specification: Brand: OEDRO. Material: TPE. Color: Black. Item Dimensions(LxWxH): 27.7 x 21.9 x 6.1 inches. Position Front Right Inner. Package Included: Front Matsx2. Rear Linerx1. Installation Manualx1.
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