OEDRO? Headlight Assembly for 2004-2008 Ford F150 Chrome Housing Amber Side Clear Lens Headlamp Set

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OEDRO's bright headlights allow drivers to see the road more clearly and avoid accidents caused by blind spots. OEDRO headlights can provide extended, wider, and brighter visibility to improve the safety of driving at night or in bad weather and make driving more relaxed and comfortable. Features: -Strictly adhere to all SAE and DOT safety standards. -Made of materials that meet or exceed OEM requirements. -Precise molding designed by our experienced engineers. -Advanced electroplating tech for flawless headlight reflectors. -Designed with level adjustment screws, ensure a good light pattern. -Thoroughly tested to ensure optimum performance and longevity. Fitment: For 2004-2008 Ford F150 Pickup. NOT Compatible with 2004 F150 Heritage. NOT Compatible with Flareside Beds Models. Installation Manual: Step 1: Consult a vehicle manual to find out which component needs to be removed to get access to the headlight assembly. Depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle, the front grill may need to be removed. To remove the grille, you have to undo the screws or any fastener used to secure it. Step 2: Undo the screws, clips, or retainer springs that hold the headlight in place. You may have to use a flat-blade or Phillips screwdriver to remove any of these fasteners that are typically located at the top and bottom of the headlight. Step 3: Disconnect the wiring from the assembly. After the wiring is removed, you can now detach the headlight from the vehicle to replace it with a new one. Step 4: Fit in the new headlight assembly. Fix the new headlight into place and make sure that the screws, clips, or retainer springs used are sealed. Step 5: Reconnect the wiring that was unplugged from the assembly. Step 6: Put back the grille and other components that you removed. Seal them back into place. Step 7: Test the new assembly. Switch on the headlights to see if they're working. If not, then make some adjustments and check the manual. Specification: Brand: OEDRO. Housing: Chrome Lampshade / Chrome Frame / Amber Reflector. Adjustable: Up & down. High/Low Beam: 9007 (Bulbs not included). Turn Signal / Parking Light: 3157 (Bulbs not included). Side Mark Light: 194/T10 (Bulbs not included). Interchange Part Number: 7L3Z13008FA, 7L3Z13008EA, 7L3Z13008CA. Other Part Number: FO2503201, FO2503247, FO2503248. Package Included: driver side headlightx1. passenger side headlightx1. Warranty: Warranty: 2-Year.
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