Replica Vintage 1979 OSAGA KT-26 Running Shoes

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Replica Vintage 1979 OSAGA KT-26 Running Shoes. KT-26 Running Shoes is a popular product for jogging in the 1970s and 1980s, and played an important role in the Replica Vintage jogging sneaker circle. The 1979 OSAGA retro sneaker incorporate more modern shoemaking techniques to improve comfort,professionalism.. 1.The KT-26 Running Shoes shape retains the original shape of the classic KT-26, and the surface material is made of composite materials.. 2.The outsole of 1979 OSAGA retro sneaker increases the friction force and increases the applicability of daily commuting. 3.Replica Vintage jogging sneaker is comfortable and breathable with sandal lining. 4.OSAGA KT-26 shoes is variety of colors to choose from,brown, blue, to meet the daily wear. In Japan, in order to be able to clarify the field of niche sneakers, vintage lovers have positioned this special design and few existing works as C-class sneakers,the OSAGA KT-26 shoes is the type
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