Men's Moc Toe Classic 875 Boots

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Men's Moc toe classic 875 boots The Parts:. The 875 moc toe boots were originally designed to allow people to walk freely in various environments. The combination of leather material, softness and durability can meet your needs.. Surface material :. Top layer cowhide. Shaft material :. Top layer cowhide. Toe Box material :. Top layer cowhide. Insole material :. Top layer cowhide. Features:. The first layer of cowhide, the delicate material of the work boots gives you a comfortable touch. Classic shoemaking process – Goodyear, the shoes are very durable and suitable for a variety of environments. Vintage 875 boots design, create a sense of fashion atmosphere. Men‘s Moc toe design,for safer work. With the awakening of the retro trend, vintage 875 boots once again appeared in the public eye, and combined with modern fashion design, and continued the classic craftsmanship, to create good 875 work boots suitable for people's leisure and work
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